A name like a musical note… A mii scarf or stole is a note of happiness, of color, of softness and style that gives a unique accent to your silhouette. A name with a story all its own. Mii, the acronym for “Made In India”, two < i >’s for a meeting between two countries, between two textile designers; and above all for the precious meeting between you and mii.


Mii: A reflection of these two < i >’s is our signature: two fingerprints symbolizing our creative and human commitment as well as our own cultural diversity. Our collections, mostly contemporary, have been imagined and designed in Paris, then woven, printed, embroidered by hand in our own workshop in Kolkata. We carefully select only the best quality yarns to weave our scarves and stoles.The most beautiful cotton, khadi, silk, linen, wool, and cashmere are used – either solely or mixed – to create soft and inviting fabrics that fall perfectly, comfortably. Mii, is a ”moi” with two voices, designed especially for you.

Women Collection S|S 16

Safety Matches

25 years ago, one of Lucie’s uncles brought back to her images of safety matches boxes from India. 

Few months ago, near Kolkata, Bapan & Lucie rediscovered Bapan’s albums containing these same images of safety matches boxes as he collected them when he was a child : Mii’s team decided on the same day to make it a theme for the new mii collection.

Impression Soleil Levant

A collection inspired by the french impressionist painter Claude Monet. 

Celebrating and honoring the french skills of weaving, embroidery and prints, the collection is build around three themes: the weather, the art of painting and gardening : The artist’s great passions.

Collection A | W – 15 | 16

“ I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. ” Gandhi

This sentence by Gandhi was the starting point of our collection FW15. Through this unisex collection we want to support values which are at the heart of mii : love, sharing and mixity. Our artisanal « savoir-faire » such as hand weaving, hand printing and hand embroidery  are again under the spotlight, using wool, cashmere or silk , either solely or mixed.

 Collection S | S – 2015

In India, the arrival of Spring is a real celebration : it is called «Holi». Multicoloured pigments fly all over the places, turning the country into a huge palette. The Franco-Indian duo of designers works as a shaker. Their collections are like a cocktail : a mixture of the two cultures, humors and colors.
Spring / summer 2015 collection is, more than ever , an invitation to travel, a sweet idleness. There is a little bit of the film «Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday» directed by Jacques Tati, there is the light of India, the colors of the Holi festival and finally, a dash of humor and unexpected winks for the pleasure to be surprised.
Materials are hand-woven and delicate : cotton voile, mix of cotton /silk, khadi cotton and Matka silk for a subtle shine.

Advised retail prices

  • 115<310€


  • Paris, France
    • Le Bon Marché
    • Franck & Fils
    • Solis
    • Le Printemps
  • Germany
    • Hecking
  • Italy
    •  Top Ten
  • Japan
    • Hankyu
    • Isetan
    • Sogo & Seibu
    • TomorrowLand
  • Portugal
    • Stivali
  • UK
    • Found Bath
  • USA
    • Space 519


Sales Contact : Bapan Dutta



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